Chuck LiddellThe Catalina-born Liddell has a history with the island few can match. His family first visited Catalina in the 1880s and his grandfather helped build Avalon’s Descanso Avenue for William Wrigley. More recently Liddell’s father, a civil and mechanical engineer, was also instrumental in building one of the island’s main thoroughfares, the road between the Airport-in-the-Sky and El Rancho Escondido. Chuck Liddell’s own resume on the island began at the museum in the early 1970s and evolved into running his own company, the Catalina Island Odyssey, which organized the Catalina Island Film Festival and the 50th anniversary of the Casino, for the Wrigley family. Today, Liddell still lives in Avalon, where he works for the Santa Catalina Island Company running tours and providing security for special events at the Casino.