Michael PerriconeMichael Perricone began playing guitar and bass at the age of ten. While in high school, he formed a sound company, which gave him the chance to record one of the local bands in a commercial studio. This opened his eyes to recording and producing, and opened them wide.

For the past 30 years Michael Perricone has been involved in the post-audio business. He began as a co-founder Interlock Studios in Hollywood and has served as Director of Audio Post for Threshold Sound for six years. He recently launched his newest facility, Lotus Post, a 6-studio sound and video facility in Santa Monica, CA.

Recent film projects include sound supervising and mixing for “Hit and Run,” “Angriest Man in Brooklyn,” “Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes,” and screenwriting, mixing and music composition for “Pass the Baton.”

As a writer, he has penned episodes of Paramount’s “Star Trek: Voyager,” Disney’s “In a Heartbeat,” Spelling’s “Savannah,” and “Charmed.”