If someone was to tell me that Aspen would become my next favorite place on Planet Earth I don’t think I would believe them. Perhaps it’s the Aspen trees that are interconnected at the roots that remind me of our interconnectedness to humanity. For the past 10 years I have been returning every year in the August to attend, speak, and showcase my films at AREDAY (American Renewable Energy Day) founded by Chip Comins and Sally Ranney.

This year I had the opportunity to speak again on a panel with legendary blues artist, Taj Mahal, Maranda Pleasant Founder, Origin Magazine, Stephanie Spear, Founder of Eco Watch, Diane Dehm, Founder Sustainability News Entertainment, and James Brundige, First Light Films. Coupled with the three-day action packed event, we organized a screening in conjunction with our grassroots non- profit partner Davi Nikent to screen the film in the little town of Carbondale, CO at the Crystal Theater. I always think to myself do these small screening of hundred or seventy people have any merit. In the evening, my friend Stephanie Speer who runs the Eco Watch online platform came up to me to share how she felt about the movie. She was truly inspired to see how I was able to connect the dots of what’s happening outside aka our environment is affecting us from the inside and how I was able to cultivate into a film. I mentioned to her my own inspiration of the film being, H to third power, an Einstein type epiphany being a healthy mind, a healthy heart and a healthy body leads to a healthy world. Thank you Stephanie for reconfirming our commitment to our planet. Something we should all cherish.

To Join the One Tree Movement

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