This summer has been action packed with our little film had premiere screenings in Colorado, Iowa, and Massachusetts. But what a surprise when I received an email from my friend and festival booker Bruno Chattelin from Paris, France that the film was accepted into competition at the Montreal World Film festival.

When I arrived into Montreal two filmmakers from Vancouver, Canada greeted me. We had a wonderful evening of food and entertainment. The next day I was informed that there were 50 documentary films in world competition and that there were only two from America from roughly 3000 submissions. When the news was shared with me it gave me a deeper appreciation of the completive environment and the complexities of distribution along the festival circuit. We screened our film to a captive Montreal audience, though I was a bit saddened to see a woman leave the theatre because the film had not been subtitled into French. Coming soon I promise. I think the festival programmer Simon felt has badly as me as he offered to transcribe the film into French. Hopefully, will be coming to Paris soon!!


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