For the past six years since I met my best friend and wife, Britta Reitman we go on a week to ten-day vacation. Last year we had the opportunity to go up the gold coast and explore the wonderful world of Oregon. This year, with the release of the film on the festival circuit we were invited to screen in the prestigious Martha’s Vineyard with our friend and curator of the Martha’s Vineyard Film society Richard Paradise. The screening was aligned with the local Peace center on the vineyard in a beautiful surround mix theatre environment.

I think what’s so wonderful is carving out the time to be with your loved one in nature. The highlight of the trip was two fold. One. On the last day we rented a jeep and drove out with my long time friend Chris Dizinno whom I met in Florence Italy with his girlfriend to go on the backside of the Island. We ate some wine and cheese and watched the sun down. I’ve never seen such a beautiful purple in my life. The second was leaving the vineyard. There’s always some form of drama that shows up in your life. As I was driving with Britta leaving the Island, apparently I drive thru a 20 mile zone going 40 miles. The city changed the sign within that 2 mile gap and I didn’t notice it. We drove about a mile for me to realize that there was a cop trying to pull me over. When he finally pulled me over and I showed him my license he asked me, why I didn’t pull over. I politely replied I didn’t see him. Our luggage was blocking the window. He then asked, “Did you not hear my siren”, I replied, “Sorry sir, we were listening to the radio and didn’t hear your siren.” I could see at this point he was getting angry. Within minutes he gave me back my license with a warning. I have to say I was super lucky as my California license had expired and I was planning to renew when I get home. I guess there are angels above us!

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