It’s funny to look back and see the incidents in your life that affect us the most. I remember making the call back in 2009 into Fairfield Iowa and talking with the publicist of Maharishi School of Management Ken Chawkin. He talked about meditation, consciousness, and this guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I really had no idea what he was talking about, though I’m glad he mentioned that Mike Love and The Beach Boys were coming to town to play. This drew my attention. I mean who doesn’t love The Beach Boys. We ended up spending Labor Day weekend with my girlfriend now wife, Britta in Fairfield, Iowa for what became a ground breaking weekend for us. You can learn more about it in my new movie ROOTED in PEACE.

It’s always good in life to complete circles. This time I returned back to Fairfield, Iowa to unveil my new film, ROOTED in PEACE during the high holiday of Purunima. Adding to the mix, was the same guy I talked with 6 years ago was now leading the PR activities for our screening at the Sondheim Theatre. I also was fortunate to have a new friend and executive producer Joanna Plasfky to help me with the screening.

The event was action packed and our Q&A lasted for about 45 minutes. People laughed, cried, and even the mayor, Ed Malloy stood up pledging to bring a ROOTED in PEACE garden to the city of Fairfield. Thank you Ken Chawkin for taking the time to talk with me. Who would ever imagined what our labors will bring.

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