Thursday September 20, 2015, Hollywood, CA. Who would ever imagined that the traditional Hollywood Film Festival would gain a conscience. I received the call this month from Festival Director, Brad Parks that the festival was interested in screening my new film ROOTED in PEACE. He mentioned to me that the festival had undergone reverse engineering of revamping its platform toward social action films. Though our new film hasn’t been commercially released we thought it would be perfect timing to unveil our new venture with the Captain Planet Foundation and our one Tree initiative due to the heightened awareness of our current climate crisis.

Captain Planet was created back in the 70’s as a comic hero who is created by humans with the five elements of air, water, fire, sky and earth with the intention of stopping pollution. One Tree is the social action platform which allows individuals to make a donation for the purpose of planting trees. The relationship was consummated back in April at Earth Day Texas when I had a chance to meet with my friend and Founder of The Captain Planet Foundation, Laura Turner Seydel. She had previewed my film back in Aspen at AREDAY (American Renewable Energy Day) and I had the opportunity to unveil my plan of using the film as a catalyst for taking back our planet One Tree At A Time.

How ironic forty years later that we still face the same environmental problems. Ted Turner vision of Captain Planet still has merit today and should be taken as a sign of the times. The Captain Planet mascot stole the show. As we were led onto the red carpet, people stopped to take their photo of Captain Planet mascot. For me, the big enjoyment came from watching the young kids learn about the character and have their photos taken. It was a superb red carpet event.

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